Buy Swedish Snus express worldwide!

Buy Swedish Snus express worldwide

Buy Swedish Snus express worldwide

Buy Swedish Snus express worldwide

Swedish snus is a moistened smokeless tobacco. The tobacco is fine-grained and salts and water are added. The tobacco is often added with spices or flavors, gaining their unique taste.

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A can of Swedish snus costs between $2-4 per can depend on the brand.

Where to buy Swedish snus online?

Well, we recommend you to buy Swedish snus at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE.

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Is quite cheap to buy chewing tobacco if you use Swedish snus. A lot of Swedish students and Swedish backpackers travel the world rely on SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE to get their Swedish snus. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door when you buy Swedish snus from us. A lot of Swedes working abroad or living abroad also buy Swedish snus online!

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You can also find Generalsnus online and buy Generalsnus.Generalsnus for sale!

How to use Swedish snus?

Swedish Snus is available both in the traditional loose format and in portion pouches. Most people nowadays use tobacco portion pouches.

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Which are the most popular Swedish snus brands?

  1. Generalsnus
  2. Skruf
  3. Granit
  4. Lundgrens
  5. Siberia Snus

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A real classic, Grov Snus. One of the most popular Swedish snus with a classic and straight forward taste of tobacco.

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We ship to all countries around the world except for EU member states. We don´t sell snus in Sweden.

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